About Suzi & Vision for Classes

My motivation to work in clay and paint stems from my love for our natural world and its beauty. I am passionate about learning from the medium I choose to explore and share with others. The clay teaches me about myself and how to center, be playful, patient and kind. The paints that I choose to apply on ceramics, canvas or paper all bring out my inner and outer reflections of our world. I hope to make the world a more beautiful, contemplative place through creating art.

When I’m in my artistic work, I give my full concentration, breath and being to this moment.  I find that when I’m slowed down, I feel inspiration and motivation to capture the art within me to shine outwardly in the world.

Since I have a Master’s degree in elementary education, degree in English and teaching middle and high school students, and as the mother of triplets, I’ve found that my studio is my slice of heaven on earth where I can now transfer my background in teaching to sharing my artistic expertise with others.

Clay, flower design, painting in all types of medium keep me in my breath work, focused and present.  I create my best work and love what blossoms when I’m centered.  The centering process is my passion.  The end results are also often pleasing.  I look forward to inviting you (your friends and/or children) to go inward, breathe, and root down in one’s lives, tap into one’s creative expression playfully, and reflect the varying colors and hues that speak to you.

A Freelance artist available to work on your projects:

I’m very interested in collaborative project creation.  If you want to see a painting in oil, acrylic, water color, pen and ink, or clay; I’m happy to work with you on commission to create whatever you’re envisioning and compensate me for my time and materials.

If you want to jump in, and try your hand at watercolor, oils, acrylic, and/ or clay, you’ve come to the right place.  Shoot me times of availability and provide me with information regarding what’s your ambition and desire.

If you would like to learn to throw on the wheel and make a set of mugs or bowls, then I can provide you with the approximate amount of time this project will take, my time & overhead, and the cost for materials (Glazes, clay, firing costs) and let’s get started! Please see rates posted for classes.

What’s your time frame of when you’d like to have your work completed (We’d work backwards to be sure our schedules link up and we can make this happen to fit your schedule)

If you’re open to giving this opportunity to explore art or to have me come and attend a birthday party and face paint and/or provide a Party for painting project or a Clay Building project for adults and children, this can also be arranged. Please let me know your budget; and I’ll work to see if I can accommodate.

Let’s communicate via text or email and schedule the dates and times you’re wanting me to come. [email protected] or 303-257-0296

Please take a look at my Teaching Experience to learn more about me.